Below is a reference list of my works.

This is how you can read it:

E (engineer)

P (producer)

Mas (mastering)

Mix (mixing engineer)

C (composing)

A (arragement)

L (lyrics)

Play (playing instrument or instruments on the record)


Don Alder (Canada) P, Mix, Mas, A

Seth Horan (USA) E, Mas

French For Cartidge (Luxenburg/Finland) E

Art Farmer (USA), Heikki Sarmanto Quartet LIVE at Oulu 1969, Mix, Mas

Art Farmer (USA), Heikki Sarmanto Quartet LIVE at Jyväskylä 1969 - Many Moons, Mix, Mas

Jeannine Otis (USA), Heikki Sarmanto BB, LIVE at Pori, Mas

Heikki Sarmanto Paris Impressions Mix, Mas (Publishing Leduc, France)

Greg Overton and Big L "The Truth" (USA/France) E, Mix, Mas, Play

Agnia (Latvia) E, Mix, Play


Club For Five "Youre The Voice"(Warner Music) (sold gold!) P, E, C, A Mix, Running Up That Hill dance-single, P, E, C, A Mix,

Club For Five "Youre The Voice, In Concert" Live DVD surround 5.1 and Live CD

Club For Five "Uni", C & Lyrics (sold gold!)

Club For Five "Rekiretki", C (sold gold!)


Petteri Sariola "Silence"(Plastinka) P, E, Mix, C, A, Play

Petteri Sariola "Phases"(Plastinka) P, E, Mix, Single-Mas(japan extra track), C, A, Play

Jonna Christensen, P, E, Mix, Mas, A, Play. Candidate for the Finnish Eurovision contest in 2011

The Northern Governors (formerly known as The Orgones) E, Mix, Mas, Play
Planning to be released on legendary Blue Note-label.

Dallape Orchestra with Sami Saari & Topi Sorsakoski (Blue Note/EMI) P, E, Mix, Mas

Dallape Orchestra with Sami Saari, Juha Hostikka, Maria Ylipää & Marzi Nyman (Blue Note/EMI) P, E, Mix, Mas

Leningrad Cowboys, E

Miami, P, E, C, A, L, Play. Single was on Vares movie soundtrack.

Tuomas Rounakari E, Mix, Mas (fully analog)

Suo-Yhtye "Mieltäni meri ajaa" (Texicalli) Emma-candidate for the best etno album in 2008 P, E, Mix, Mas, A, Play

Jere Ijäs (Humblehouse Records), P, E, Mix, Mas, Play (fully analog)

Pepe Willberg E, Mix, Mas

Soul Captain Band (Wolfram Records), A, C, Play (Co-Mix)

My First Band (EMI) E


Kiven juurilla "Kiven Juurilla" P, E, Mix, Mas, A, C

Kiven juurilla "Suomenmaa" (Louhi Productions) Composed by Jyri Sariola P, E, Mix, Mas, A, C. Awarded with Liisa Linkomalmio-award for long lasting work of poem music in Finland.

Kim Curly Band E, Mix, Mas
Single to be released on soundtrack of Los Angeles movie starring Andie McDowell.

Mikko Leppilampi, E, C, L, A

Milhill Big Band & Kari Fall E, Mix, Mas

Orkestar Bordurka (Texicalli) E, Mix, Mas, (Co-P)

Marika Krook P, E, Mix, Mas, C, A, Play

Harri Risku E, Mix, Mas, Play, A

Bluuster, E, Mix, Mas, Play

Sakari Kukko & Piirpauke, E, Mix, Mas

Angelica Klaas, E, Mix, Mas

Petri Ikkelä, E, Mix

Suvi Karjula (Sony/BMG), E, Mix, Mas, P

Pohjannaula, P, E, Mix, Play

Sari Behm, E, Mix, Mas, Play

Elias Kahila, P, E, Mix, Mas, Play, A

Hannu Lehtonen, E, Mix, Mas

Manna, E (@Music Makers)

Rajaton, E, A (@Music Works)

Mama King, E (@Music Makers)

Leijonamieli, E (@Music Makers)

Pete Seppälä (BMG), E, A, Play

Katri Ylander (BMG), E, A, Play

Ilkka Jääskeläinen (BMG), E, A, Play

Suora Lähetys (Naxos), E, Mix, Mas, Play

Cantama, E, Mix, Mas, Play

Children music albums

Paukkumaissi: Paukkumaissi (Kiima Records): EMMA-winner of the best childrens album 2006. Play

Paukkumaissi: Popkornitorni (EMI/Ipanapa). P, E, Mix, Mas, Play, C, A. Was a EMMA-canditate for the best childrens album in 2008.

Paukkumaissi: Huhuu, kuu, P, E, Mix, Mas, A. Was a EMMA-canditate for the best childrens album 2010

Tuttiralla(EMI), E, Mix, Play

Matti Kontio (IMU), E, Play

Kolme Blondia (YLE), E, Mix, C, A, L, Play

Marika Krook, E, Mix, Mas, A, Play

Eeva-Leena Pokela "Viito ja viserrä", Mix, Play

Tähti kerro tarinaa, E, Play

ABC-laulut Part One (Tammi), E, Mix, Mas, Play

ABC-laulut Part Two (Tammi), E, Mix, Mas, Play

and many more..

Classical recordings

Jorma Hynninen, E, Mix, Mas

Raimo Sariola & Risto Lauriala in concert, E, Mix, Mas

Ursula Hynninen E, Mix, Mas

Jouni Kokora E, Mix, Mas

Hannu Jurmu E, Mix, Mas

Ilmari Räikkönen E, Mix, Mas

Simo Saari E, Mix, Mas

Helsingin Tuomiokirkko Live Recording

TV Radio and Internet

For Music Makers:

Aino icecream (Valio/Nestle),

Rozemint Chewingum (Japan)





Worked as producer and composer for Music Makers and Plastinka records in 2007.

For Hey Day:


Fortum: Music for global warming canpaign.


Rondo FM sound design

World Vision 2007

Kolme Blondia



Member of TINNOFF research group.

Sound designer of a ground breaking tinnitus sound treatment which is known world wide.

P, E, Mix, Mas, C, A


BAND's and ARTIST's i've played on stage with


Molara (UK)

Momocat (Morocco)

Pelle Miljoona & Ylivoima

Soul Captain Band


Jukka Poika

Ayekoto Afrobeat

Club For Five

Petteri Sariola

Northern Governors (Orgones)

Osmo Ikonen

Tuomo Prättälä

Kalevi Louhivuori

Eerik Siikasaari

Tommy Lindgren

Felix Zenger

Marzi Nyman

Kiven Juurilla

Marika Krook


Good Ones

Jere Ijäs

Orkester Bordurka



and many many more...